If snowmobiling and/or skiing is something you live for during the winter, you need to plan a trip now to Hurley, Wisconsin. Here's why...

Two Kinds of Snow People

When it comes to winter, there are two kinds of people in this World...those that LOVE snow, and those that HATE snow.

Overall, I consider myself a person that loves snow more than I hate it, but I also definitely think there is such a thing as too much snow.

So, why should you plan a trip to Hurley, Wisconsin this winter if you love snow? People often refer to this small town as the "snowiest town in Wisconsin," and here's just one example of why...

 The Hurley Chamber of Commerce posted this picture on October 17, 2022, after Hurley received over 8 inches of snow...in OCTOBER.

Not enough snowy proof for you? Don't worry, I have more.

The Snowiest Town in Wisconsin

Hurley, Wisconsin is located in the heart of the Lake Superior Snowbelt, and gets an average of 160 inches of snow each winter!

If winter sports are your jam, the Hurley, Wisconsin area is FULL of great snowy places for you to explore. Great ski hills and trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing surround the Hurley area, and if you love snowmobiling, check this out...   Onlyinyourstate.com says;

Hurley is the gateway to endless adventures - head south to the fast trail networks of northern Wisconsin or head into the Upper Peninsula for rides that go on forever. Hardworking groomers work around the clock to keep the trails open.

Hurley Chamber via Facebook, Canva
Hurley Chamber via Facebook, Canva


The Hurley, Wisconsin area is also home to 11 waterfalls that can provide the backdrop for some pretty awesome winter pics too!

Ready to plan a trip to Hurley, Wisconsin this winter? Check out this website for more fun things to do, stay, eat, and drink while you're there!

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