He doesn't want you to paint his house though, he's starting up a bikini painting team.

Kudos to this guy's entrepreneurship, he really thinks he's on to something.

I wish we had the name of this bikini house painting Pimp, but we don't, so let's call him Craig because he posted on Craigslist. (My apologizes to people actually named Craig).

So Craig's got this idea that he's going to collect women in the Rockford area who want to paint the inside of houses in their bikinis.

It's almost as if we don't have to go any farther because there's so many things wrong with this already, Craig.

  • First, there's a lot of movement when you paint and there's not a lot of coverage in a bikini.
  • Next, I feel like you need pockets when you're painting, I don't think there are pocket-ed bikinis out there.
  • Third, this sounds pretty gross, and also not very efficient. Most people would probably like professional painters to quickly take care of their paint jobs. I have an inkling, people who are interested in bikini painting are gross.

Here's "Craig's" original post, please please please share your comments with me!

Rockford Craigslist
Rockford Craigslist

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