A friend of mine said it's so important to always have something to look forward to; and if Donald Trump becoming president today (January 20th) wasn't one of them, then make it this- a John Hughes movie fest is coming to suburban Chicago this summer.

According to NBC Chicago, the same people who brought Ferris Fest to the Windy City last spring, will present The Shermer Club: A John Hughes Fest, in Lake Forest at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater from June 22-25th.

Organizers say the event will feature 80's fangirl favorites like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and Weird Science. Additionally, there will be live recreations of memorable scenes from  some of the movies, a bus tour of the filming locations and a Q & A session with some of the actors.

Here's who's coming so far:

  • Andrew McCarthy, who played Blane McDonough in Pretty in Pink
  • Schedule permitting, Lea Thompson, who played Amanda Jones in Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who played Wyatt Donnelly in Weird Science
  • John Kapelos, who played Carl, the janitor in The Breakfast Club and Rudy the bohunk Ryszczyk in Sixteen Candles
  • Cindy Picket, who played Katie Bueller in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Keep up with the latest on the festival at www.theshermerclub.com and get your tickets for the event here.


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