What's your biggest fear? One of mine is large bodies of water. That DEFINITELY includes Lake Michigan. From oceans, to lakes, to pools, I'm much more comfortable staying dry. Everyone always says I'm dramatic, but am I?

Sure Lake Michigan on a normal day might not look that intimidating, but I don't think about the normal days on the lake. I think about how extreme the lake can get during the cold weather months.

You know when you leave a water bottle in your overnight during the winter and it turns into a slushy bottle of ice chunks in water? That's basically what happened to Lake Michigan over the weekend.

Check out just how wild (and incredibly terrifying) the lake looked -

I'm sorry, WHAT? That video made me feel afraid, uneasy, scared, nauseous, fearful, and I guess a little bit impressed with what nature can do during the winter.

Here's another video of Lake Michigan shared to Twitter over the weekend -

But my favorite part of it all is one Twitter user's comment on what one of the ice chunks looks like -

Of course I had to rewind the video and check it out for myself. And you know what? She's not wrong. Look at this -

Credit ABC News
Credit ABC News

I know what you're thinking, "MJ, no it doesn't". But it really does at first glance. I promise, go back to the video at 18 seconds and watch again. You can't deny the hair is there.

I'm just glad nobody was crazy enough to try and get out in the water. I wouldn't put it past a crazy Chicagoan to try and surf or paddle board on that stuff.


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