The hill referred to by sledders as "Mount Trashmore" soon won't be the place Loves Park residents go to have some fun in the snow.

The hill which is an alleged a former landfill was a popular destination for families who loved to sled during the winter.

As of yesterday, the hill is going out of business. A picture shared on Facebook by Loves Park Neighborhood Watch Group said "Last season for sledding at SAND PARK POOL."

The picture shows a sign behind a fence:

Due to ongoing

Remediation efforts

This is the last season

Sledding will be allowed

On-site. In 2019, The

sledding hill will be

converted to a nature

preserve, as agreed

to by the Illinois


Protection Agency

Facebook commenters didn't hold back their disdain for the decision saying "We need to be adding to our community and it's families, not taking things away" and "My childhood had a lot more to do in this city than the childhood of my kids do now."

What do you think? Do you or your family sled at Sand Park pool? Where will you go now?

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