When the scorching sun turns up the heat in Illinois, there's one lifesaving item that deserves a top spot in your bag.

I was never too fond of extreme heat as a kid.  It's not that I'd pass out, but sweat has always been my biggest enemy.

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Luckily, antiperspirants are a thing and a major lifesaver when it comes to hot summer days in the Midwest.  I keep a travel size antiperspirant on me everywhere I go.  Ain't no way I'm stinkin' all day!


The #1 Lifesaving Item To Have With You On A Hot Day


Unlike regular deodorants, antiperspirants contain aluminum-based compounds that form a temporary barrier on the skin, cutting out excessive sweat.

It's not even about avoiding embarrassment; you can feel so confident and secure when you know you're not sweating or radiating a repulsive odor escaping your underarms.

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Someone sent me a photo of "scratch and sniff" pumpkin spiced boxers at American Eagle.  I would HIGHLY suggest you don't wear those until this heatwave is over.

Nobody wants to smell like swamp ass layered with pumpkin spice... especially in that area of your body lol.

So, in the battle against sweltering conditions, remember that deodorant is 100% your lifesaver for a pleasantly odor-controlled day.  Stay hydrated!

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