I remember the very first time I had Lou Malnati's pizza, it was last summer in Chicago; everyone was making a big deal over the place and to be honest I had no idea what all the hype was about. The only pizza places in Chicago that I'd ever heard of were Gino's East and Giordano's (I live a very sheltered life, don't judge me) but I digress, it was for an industry party and the food was free.  Yeah, my first taste of Lou Malnati's pizza was FREE.

Confession: it made me cry. Not just because the pizza was that good, but the waiter took away my deep dish chocolate chip cookie covered in ice cream before I was even finished. Who does that?

Hopefully the people of Phoenix will have the very same, if not better, experience at Lou Malnati's that I did. From the looks of it, the word is already out on how good the pizza is that there was a line around their new location- the first outside of the Chicago area- inside a Phoenix shopping center.

Deep dish pizza doesn't exactly come to mind when you think of the desert, does it? So how does the west even know about Lou Malnati's?

According to DNA Info, a spokesperson for the restaurant says, ""We ship pizza around the country, and nowhere gets more requests than the Phoenix-Scottsdale area."

So, I guess it only makes sense to open a location there.

My boyfriend, who is a Lou Malnati's fanatic, was not happy with the news; his exact words were, "wait, if Arizona can get a Lou Malnati's we should get one here." I couldn't agree more.