The Chicago Bears haven't even got to the regular season before getting written off.

That is if you believe the latest ratings for Madden NFL 17 that was released earlier this week for video game consoles.

Only the Cleveland Browns were rated worst than the Bears. The Browns scored a 73 overall while the Bears rated one point better at 74.

It doesn't get much better when you focus on offensive and defensive ranks. They both rank last in both categories. The Bears rated a 73 overall on offense and 77 for defense.

It doesn't get any better for Bears fans either. The Green Bay Packers are ranked as one of the best teams overall in Madden NFL 17. The Pack rated a 85 for 4th best overall in the new game.

If you're a Bears fan, just remember it's a video game. The real stuff has yet to be decided, but it can't make you feel all that great knowing the Bears are ranked so low.

[H/T NBC Chicago]