If you’ve ever thought Chicago should be its own state, you’re not alone.

Collin Cliburn started up a petition to have the entire state of Illinois secede from Chicago.

It appears to be gaining ground too. Cliburn’s Facebook page, The Illinois Separation has nearly 9,000 “likes.”

Cliburn says every county outside of Chicago’s Cook County is allowed to come along when Illinois secedes from Chicago.

He also told NewsChannel20.com “Myself, I'm a White Sox fan and I hate giving up that territory. But when it comes down to it, this state is a sinking ship.”

Cliburn believes “this is a movement that many people who are tired of paying high taxes will get behind over time.”

Or not.

The chances of this happening are slim to none but hey Cliburn can dream. According to the news story, if Illinois eventually secedes from Chicago (which it won’t) it will be renamed Lincoln.

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