If there's one good result from all of this COVID-19 insanity, it's our newly found appreciation for essential workers. I saw something the other day and it reminded me just how important workers are right now -

As an adult, I think we could all say we're never going to forget this time in our lives. And we might not remember it positively. But you can try to give your kids something good to remember. And why not make it in the form of a toy that's for a good cause?

Mattel launched a new line of collectible toys that are honoring the everyday heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The best part? All proceeds are benefiting the heroes. WGN details -

The California-based toy manufacturer says all net proceeds from the #ThankYouHeroes line of action figures and Little People Community Champions will go to #FirstRespondersFirst, an initiative to benefit first responder healthcare workers.

According to WGN, this is what the collection is like -

Fisher-Price is the first of several Mattel brands to roll out action figures, which will include a selection of doctors, nurses, EMTs and delivery drivers. There will also be a “special five-character Little People set comprised of a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver and grocery store worker.”

So support workers and give your kids a positive way to remember all of this. You can preorder the toys here.

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