Girl Scouts are out in full force with thousands of boxes of cookies. For these two girls, it was ALL their cookies, sold to ONE customer.

I get so excited when I see Girl Scouts everywhere selling cookies. It's time to be all about filling my freezer with boxes of Thin Mints. I get the feeling the generosity of the man at the center of this story is something his friends and family have seen often. What this guy did was absolutely driven by kindness, not by his love of cookies.

The entire country has been experiencing horribly cold, icy and snowy weather. That hasn't stopped the Girl Scouts and their mentors from getting out and selling cookies. The man you see in the photo below walked into a store, saw the two young scouts and immediately picked up 7 boxes. He gave the girls $40 and said keep the change. What he did next, is what has the whole country talking. He came back the cookie stand a little later, and according to Kayla Dillard's Facebook post, told the girls he wanted to buy everything so they could get out of the cold. In total, this amazing man spent $540 on Girl Scout cookies.

You know he isn't going to eat all those cookies. But you know who is? Everyone he cares about.

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