A Green Bay newspaper surveyed fans of their hometown football team, the Packers to see if they planned on going to see them play this year.

The results are really surprising. Despite the pandemic, you'd think diehard Packers fans would be willing to risk it to see their favorite team.

According to the GreenBay Press Gazette, almost 55% of the 1,200 people who responded to the survey said they won't be going to a game this year with nearly 43% saying the virus is the biggest reason.

This comes on the heels after the news the Packers would be limiting tickets and requiring masks at games this year in a letter sent to season ticket holders last week.

Those with season tickets were allowed to opt-in or out for 2020 and not lose their tickets for the following season. The Packers were also offering a refund for those who opted out.

I love the NFL. I just hate going to the games. Of all professional sports, I'd rank professional football games near the bottom of pro sports I want to see live and in person.

I really have a hard time wanting to sit outside in the freezing cold while calling it "fun."

On the other hand, professional football live on TV? I'm all for it. I'd watch it all day.  I get to watch it from the comfort of my own home, and I get to watch all the games.

So if the Green Bay Press Gazette was to ask me if I was going to a game in 2020, my reason for skipping out is because it's too cold.

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