Yesterday, as I was firing up Netflix, I happened to notice (as I usually do because I peruse this category first) that some new movies had just been released and surprisingly, the first "New Release" was an independent movie that was filmed right down the road in Freeport.

American Fable just made it's debut on IFC back in February and now it's ready for your consumption on a rainy afternoon or a lazy Sunday. If you love suspenseful thrillers that keep you wondering what's going to happen next, you'll really like this movie.

The entire film, however, wasn't filmed in Freeport, The Journal Standard says two scenes were filmed at the FHN Memorial Hospital; that's where Mila Arbogast made her acting debut. She was less than 24 hours old.

Here's the official trailer:

11-year-old Gitty is the focus of this Indie movie, who finds a man being held captive in her family's silo. After befriending the stranger, who seems to have the power to grant her wishes, she becomes torn between setting him free or protecting her family's secret and family farm.

Who does she end up saving? You'll have to watch it to find out, but I will say this, I hated her brother and wanted to punch him in the face anytime he was on screen.

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