In an historic move, the Naperville City Council has BANNED the sale of cats and dogs by commercial breeders.

From Daily Herald this ordinance will go into effect 01/01/21 and has to have animal advocates feeling pretty good.

Pet stores that sell cats and dogs can only sell those animals from:

 "duly incorporated humane society, animal welfare society or other nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide for and promote the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals," or "an animal rescue organization." - Naperville City Council

So the whole puppy mill thing is out in Naperville, is Rockford next? Fines will be handed out for stores that are caught selling these animals that are not obtained the proper way.

"Under the existing situation, we're at least indirectly aiding and abetting harm toward animals, you have a chance -- not nationwide or whatever, but in our little part of the world -- to do something about that."  - Joe McElroy, a board member of the ADOPT Pet Shelter in Naperville 


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