Mice, don't you just love those cute little furry critters? You don't? Neither do I. But during Illinois Winters they always seem to find their way inside.

Natural Ways Any Homeowner Can Keep Mice From Getting Inside

There are easy and natural ways to keep mice out of your house without necessarily having to use mouse traps and kill them. If you have a cat, congrats, you probably have the best method for getting rid of them. If not, here are some other ways.

Tobasco Sauce: Sprinkle some drops around the foundation of your house to keep them out. They hate it.

Cayenne Pepper: Sprinkle this around potential places they are getting in and watch them not get in.

Garlic: Mix it with water and boom, you have a great anti-mice spray.

Dryer Sheets: Stuff them in any crack or area where the mice are getting in at. They don't like the smell.

Cloves: Stuff them in some panty hose and put them where you've been finding mice.

Peppermint Oil: Put some drops on a cotton ball or mix it with some water and use it as a spray.

Ammonia: Put some in a bowl and place it where the mice are getting in.

We'd love to here what worked best for you.

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