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Dear 2020, enough is enough.

We are a country riddled with fear. Everywhere you look, we are being force feed, "fear." A virus, riots, a change shortage, a lack of toilet paper, a local t.v. station that "digs deeper" and blames everything on law enforcement, and now this...Geese that are being trained to learn martial arts.

I was pulling into the gym the other morning, when this angry "gaggle" strutted in front of my car. Much to my surprise they were all coming from some sort of secret gathering, at Gymnastic Academy North. I don't know which political party organized this, but I know what they were up to. They were being trained in the art of Tae Kwon Do, the end is near people.

Now I have personally witnesses our local youth learning martial arts at this  establishment. It's a very positive and tremendously uplifting situation, to watch these young people build confidence and learn physical skills. But why the geese?

Will these birds one day turn on all of us? What does this have to do with the election on November 3rd? Are there other other wild animals being trained? How do they put the belts on the geese?

The moral of this story, take a deep breath. Don't believe everything you read or see. Enjoy everyday you are six feet above, and for the love of black belt wearing geese, be a good human.

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