Are you tougher than an Olympic gymanst? What about a celeb chef? There's a new TV show on FOX that could answer that question. 
Way back when I was a kid, new TV shows premiered in September, they had a ton of reruns and ended in May... when we then had a summer full of reruns.

Those days are long gone!

These days, instead of weeks of reruns, we have brand new TV shows in January to fill the gaps.

One of those new shows this year is called, 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test,' and it debuts tonight on FOX.

The show takes 16 celebs through a really intense training process instructed by Navy Seals.

Would I sign up for this show, probably not.

After talking to Nastia Liukin, who completed the show, I would say ABSOLUTELY NOT - it sounds really hard!

Nastia is joined by a slew of very different celebrities. From Jamie Lynn Spears to Kate Gosselin, these contestants are taken through military training experiences most of us would never be able to handle.

Nastia told me on Good Day Stateline last night that she wanted to be a part of this show because she was a looking for a challenge that made her feel the same way as she did when she competed on the Olympic stage, but she didn't realize how tough it would be.

She also said that the group of celebs who took part in the show are now basically family after surviving this experience.

'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test,' airs Wednesday nights on FOX.

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