When you think back to your childhood... there's one board game that was better than all the rest. That was Mall Madness. 

But, you know, if you have been trying to get your hands on an OG Mall Madness game in the last five years or so, they're really expensive.

Mall Madness was pretty awesome, but that's a lot for a game that your daughter/your niece/your younger cousin might not appreciate like you did as a teen.

Have no fear, there's a new version hitting Amazon and it's a regular price of just $24.99.


Milton Bradley made the original game, but this time around Hasbro has the mall packed with your favorite stores and play credit cards, which honestly are better than the real ones.

You can pre-order is today, but the game doesn't roll out until October 1, so if you want to start Christmas shopping already, here's your excuse.

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