If you've ever flown out of the Rockford airport, there's a pretty good chance that you flew Allegiant, a low-cost airline that will take you to places like Phoenix, Daytona Beach, and even Punta Cana.

While the destinations that they take you to sound like a fun getaway, getting there safely might be another story.

At least that's according to CBS News who says that Allegiant might be one of the most profitable airlines in the skies, but they're also the most dangerous.

In a piece covered by 60 Minutes, the airline has experienced a number of mid-air breakdowns, emergency descents, cabin pressure loss and unexpected landings.

A few of my friends who have future travel plans with Allegiant are now a little bit nervous to fly; and others that I know who have already flown on the airline have compared flying on Allegiant to flying in a tin can.

If you've ever flown Allegiant, what's your experience been?

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