When a case just isn't enough, there is now a 60 pack of beer.

Redditor trunkz0rz shared this picture just a few days ago titled "New Coors Light 60 pack. Only in Wisconsin."

At first, I wasn't sure if the contributor meant the "Coors Light 60 pack is only sold in Wisconsin" or "only in Wisconsin would a 60 pack of Coors Light be sold" but either way that's one whopping thing of beer.

Seriously, is that a two person job? I can't imagine one guy carrying that by himself.

According to College Peep Show, the 60 pack is "Dubbed the Heavy Load of Cold, the Wisconsin Pak contains 60 twelve ounce cans of Coors Light."

The 60 pack is only available in Wisconsin and only for a limited time starting on August 1. Why though? It might have something to do with the recent news story revealing almost all of America's drunkest cities are in Wisconsin.