The Our City, Our Story video series has shared some of Rockford's most incredible and unknown stories. This one is especially close to my heart.

When Pablo Korona, the producer of Our City, Our Story reached out to me to be a part of his next episode, I couldn't believe why. He asked if I remembered doing a segment on my morning show from 1997 involving the death of a young girl. Not only did I remember, but the emotions I felt that morning in '97 were still very present. The reason Pablo asked me if I remembered was because the ripple from what I said and did that morning turned into a tidal wave. That tidal wave is Marva Brown.

When James Leslie Harkins III drowned at the age of 7 in Rockford's Fairgrounds Pool, his grandmother, Marva Brown, inspired by circumstances and life events, created the Harkins Foundation to provide financial assistance for the burials of children whose families cannot afford a proper funeral.

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