Parents wanting to know what their children are wearing to school functions is nothing new but one Wisconsin school district is taking it a bit too far.

According to the USA Today, the Pewaukee School District in Wisconsin is requiring any "dress-wearing" student that plans on attending homecoming, to submit photos of their attire before they are allowed to buy tickets.

People Say This Wisconsin High School's Homecoming Dress Code Is 'Sexist'
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Parents and students have referred to the dress code as "sexist and micromanaging." USA Today also says "women nationally are pushing back at dress codes they see as body-shaming and directed almost exclusively at the female body."

This policy isn't just for school dances either. The Pewaukee School District handbook says "If your top exposes any part of your midriff when you stand straight, sit, bend or kneel, do not wear it to school. A rule of thumb is that if the top cannot be tucked in it is not acceptable to wear at school."

If you think it sounds rather archaic, you're not alone. More schools should go the Evanston High School route, which allows most any type of clothing except, "images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized groups" according to Teen Vogue.

You know, "marginalized groups?" Like young women who'd like to go to homecoming but are forced to submit photos of their dress before they're allowed to attend?

It doesn't get any more marginal than that.

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