Asking a girl...or a boy to a big dance like homecoming is not like what it used to be when I was in high school. From what I can remember, someone just slipped a note in your locker and asked, "will you go to homecoming with me? circle "yes" or "no." Or, I think they just asked, "hey, wanna go to homecoming?" At least that's how it went down for my friends who were lucky enough to get asked.

Well, just asking someone to go to a dance with you with just your words is so 1997; it's 2016 and with YouTube, Pinterest, and every other social media outlet out there, the game has changed a little. It seems like you won't even get someone to go to any dance with you unless your proposal is extremely creative and 100% this one.

Ryan Spranger, a sophomore at Hononegah High School, surprised his girlfriend when she got home from a weekend getaway with this adorable Homecoming proposal. See what he did there?

Hononegah High School
Melissa Gillmore Spranger via Facebook

I spoke to his mom, Melissa, who said Sydnee jokingly said "no" at first but she really wanted to say "yes;" and she did.


Have a great time you crazy kids.

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