If you were driving in Illinois and looked out your window and saw a kangaroo hopping along the road would you be shocked? Any other year, yes. In 2020? It's just another day.

It wasn't technically a kangaroo, but a pet wallaroo led Illinois Police on a crazy chase yesterday. First things first, what's a wallaroo? It's smaller than a kangaroo and bigger than a wallaby. AKA, a wallaroo! It basically looks like a smaller version of a kangaroo.

Yesterday a wallaroo broke free from its owner and led police on a wild chase near Peru, Illinois. It was spotted hopping around LaSalle County Wednesday afternoon.

Like WHAT? The Wallaroo named Wally led police and residents all around until it eventually fell into the Illinois River. The danger then changed from the possibility of getting hit by a car, to not making it out of the frigid water.

But then nothing short of a miracle happened. Two fishermen out on a boat saw Wally as people on the shore were yelling for their help. One of the men grabbed Wally with a fishing net, ending the two-hour chase.

This seriously played out like a movie.

After the river rescue, Veterinarian Dr. Allison Spayer of Bridgeview Animal Hospital got ready for Wally's arrival. The poor thing was so cold his temperature didn't even register on the thermometer. And on top of that, it's not every day an Illinois vet has a wallaroo come into the office.

He was released back to his owner after a couple of hours, with a happy ending. Peru police said the owner claims he has a valid permit to own the wallaroo, but they plan to verify that.

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