Specialty cocktails make going out for drinks way more fun. What would you expect a Lucky Charms Martini to taste like? 

I have been out of the social life game for awhile. Ever since my ankle surgery on February 22, most of my 'fun' has been virtual or in my apartment watching movies and tv shows. Until last weekend!

For what seemed like the first time in FOREVER, two of my friends came over and we had a pretty normal time for a girl who's hobbling around in a boot (that girl is me).

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I wanted to see what it would be like to go out to dinner and I am happy to report it was a huge success and I can officially meet my friends at restaurants, bars and coffee shops!

Because I wanted to make sure I loved everyone on my plate, we went to Woodfire Pizza in downtown Rockford, one of my faves. The burrata and the woodfire chopped salads are staples for me, as is the blackberry hibiscus margarita.

But there was another drink on the specials menu that caught my eye, the Lucky Charms Martini.

I had a feeling I still wanted my margarita, so I ordered that first, but then for round two I went for the Charms.


What do you expect a Lucky Charms Martini to taste like? I was thinking maybe it would be like a liquid thin mint with some marshmallows?

Turns out I was pretty wrong. The drink is more of a creamy mint martini with a drop or two of chocolate.

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Then I remembered I don't really like Lucky Charms. So maybe I shouldn't have ordered it at all... but I had to give it a try right?

I won't be getting that again, HOWEVER, I will be ordering the Havarti Coccoli again! My friend, Amy ordered it on a whim and holy moly it was good!


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