I love cheese. And I NEED this cheese.

We look to Mineral Point, Wisconsin, home to Hook’s Cheese Co., owned by Tony and Julie Hook. They've been aging some VERY special cheese. According to MSN -

Since 2000, something very special has been incubating in their cheese cave, and it will soon be ready to make its grand debut: A 20-year aged cheddar that will sell for $209 per pound.

The last time the Hook family released a rare cheese like this in 2015, all 450 pounds of if they had sold out in 2 days. So this year they'll be selling 500 pounds. Doesn't 500 pounds of cheddar sound like a DREAM? Well, it might only be a dream. It seems nearly impossible to order.

Right now it's available for pre-order from certain locations in Wisconsin. Here's the real kicker, the cheese isn't even available until May 23. So with pre-orders already being filled, it's game time. I've got to figure out a way to get my hands on this cheese. It's only an hour and 52 minute drive. Worth it? I think yes.

For the who, what, when, where, and why of this cheese you can learn more here.

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