Lets address the elephant in the room, most people do not go out to eat at a restaurant on Thanksgiving day. However, it is a thing. If you're planning on dining out you might want to call ahead. Keep in mind that some of these chains will only be open on a regional basis. Others may be closed depending on the franchisee.

Here they are according to Insider -

  • Applebee's - Multiple locations in Rockford
  • Bahama Breeze - Closest location is Schaumburg, IL.
  • Bob Evan's - Closest location is Joliet, IL.
  • Boston Market - Closest location is Elgin, IL.
  • Cracker Barrel - Located in Rockford
  • Denny's - Located in Rockford
  • Hooter's - Located in Rockford... because nothing says Thanksgiving like a Hooters trip
  • McDonald's - Multiple locations in Rockford
  • Starbucks - Multiple locations in Rockford... Because you need Starbucks everyday of the year.
  • TGI Friday's - Located in Rockford

As always you should call the location ahead of time to double check that they'll be open.

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