Making sure your kids get to school on time is an absolute must!  That means having a smooth sailing morning with the kiddos and their bus drivers!

If your kids aren't eligible to ride the school bus, depending on where you live, Rockford Mass Transit District is here to save the day.  They know you don't want your young children walking to school alone because you're looking out for their safety.

So for the new school year, RMTD is offering FREE rides to students K-12 with one simple requirement: they must have a VALID school ID!

Now, if you're saying to yourself, "Well, they don't have one?" you're totally in luck.

RMTD says you can make your way down to their office and get an RMTD photo ID for just $2.00.  It's that easy and affordable.  Their office is located at 520 Mulberry St in Rockford!

I remember when I wasn't able to take the school bus because I lived too close to my middle school and high school.

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My parents didn't want me walking alone through a ton of traffic for safety reasons, so I wish this was an option way back when I was still in school.  It's so convenient and helps parents all across the Stateline!

Also, The Federal Transit Administration just awarded Rockford Mass Transit with a $6.3M grant to become more environmentally friendly!  This means they'll get 6 BRAND NEW buses that are either hybrid or electric. Transport your kids in style this school year!

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