Delicious craft beer, vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon are all made in Rochelle by Kennay Farms. Their operation at the old Hub Theater is growing.

Just under three years ago, the Kennay Farms family built their distillery in the dormant Hub Theater in Rochelle. Take a look at the gorgeous copper stills being lifted into the Hub Theater in July in 2018.

The operation is growing, and that growth will make Kennay Farms the largest distillery in the entire state of Illinois, according to The necessary expansion is being called the Rick House and will be used to store their tasty bottled products. The Rick House will be large enough to house 5,000 barrels of whiskey and bourbon.

As soon as the expansion is complete, they plan to start offering tours and tastings. The hope is that construction will be complete by January.

Keep up with all of Kennay Farms activities via their Facebook page.

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