If you need something to make you happy today, you can probably buy your way there at Aldi with one of their 20 something advent calendars. 

You know, I stand by the fact that money can't buy you happiness, but money can buy you things and sometimes... things make you happy.

Today for example, money can buy you an advent calendar from Aldi.

Fun fact, Aldi invented 'National Advent Calendar Day,' and it's today, November 4. It's the first year anyone is celebrating but a smart move considering we will celebrate anything in 2020, especially if it involves alcohol.

So celebrate today by grabbing a calendar.


Now, depending on what time you're reading this, you might not have an easy time finding one. Some stores run out of the beer and wine calendars within the hour and some manage to have them in stock all day, make sure to let us know if you get one, which one you got and where you found it!

I'm most interested in why the cat calendar it $5.89 when everything else ends in .99.

Some things are just a mystery I guess.

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