Most guys don't think about this kind of thing until they realize they have no space.

You see, space at my house is at a premium. My wife and I own a four bedroom home and until recently, three of the four rooms were used by me, my wife and our two sons.

The closet in the extra room is where I hung my clothing. I let my wife use what I think is a pretty large walk-in closet in our bedroom for her own clothes. "No big deal, I had the extra room" I used to think.

That was until we welcomed our third and final child who, as I'm sure you could guess, would end up taking the extra room as his own. While he was still a baby I could use the closet but that meant I needed to make sure I had clothes picked out before he went to sleep or else.

Months passed and after having to tiptoe into the room while my infant son would sleep, I had no choice but to ask if I could have a sliver of space in my wife's walk-in closet.

At first, I felt bad asking, I knew how much my wife valued her own walk-in closet but there was no way the current system was going to continue to work.

At first, I encountered as much resistance as you'd think. The walk-in closet has been hers since we moved in almost 6 years ago.

Then it happened. Out of nowhere, I received a text with the following picture.

Rockford Area Man's Late Valentine's Gift Is Everything A Guy Could Ask For

It was a space, my very own, and already had a piece of clothing hanging in the walk-in closet.

I couldn't believe it. The small space that I needed was a late Valentine's Day gift.

It's been a week or so since I've moved my hanging clothes in and while my wife is slowly coming along with the idea of having to share her precious walk-in closet, it's been a Godsend.

Another reason the small things (or small spaces) one person does can make a big impact on someone else's life.


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