I'm one of those humans in life who was blessed with good skin. I can admit that I feel incredibly grateful to be one of those people, until the pandemic hit. I wasn't sure if it was that amount of naps I was taking on the same stupid pillow or the stress from quarantine, but at 25 I finally had acne.

Turns out a lot of people are experiencing acne right now, and it's not due to stress or being at home, it's actually caused by our masks. And of course there's a name for it - 'Maskne'.

And A LOT of people have it. It's one of the major problems people have with wearing a mask. So The Steve Shannon Show asked local pediatrician Dr. Bill Renk what's the best way to prevent getting 'maskne'? Here's what he had to say -

What's the best way to prevent it? It's actually incredibly simple. It's just a matter of keeping your mask CLEAN. This doesn't mean keeping the same mask in your car for a week, it means washing your reusable mask every time after you wear it or using a new one-time mask every time.

So those blue medical masks you have? Those should really only be worn once. It makes sense, think of all the nastiness you're breathing into it ... ew.

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