It's your first big concert. You're ready to hear all those songs you love, but nothing can prepare you for a moment every concertgoer dreams of.

Marie, and her 11-year-old daughter Ava, are big fans of The Struts, a British band who recently partnered with Kesha for a tune called, Body Talks. After wrapping up their major tour supporting Foo Fighters, The Struts are still on the road hitting smaller venues. And for one night in Chicago at the House Of Blues, a little girl's concert dreams came true.

Ava's mom explains how her daughter being on stage with The Struts came to be.

They started to do the Bruce Springsteen song "Dancing in the Dark" as audience participation and it has taken off. He walks back and forth asking who wants to join him on stage and be his Courteney Cox. Ava was lucky enough to be chosen and when she got up on stage the crowd loved her. An experience of a lifetime for sure.

You'll be cheering for Ava the whole time. She seemed so natural up there, so natural, that I suspect we'll be buying a ticket to see her concert someday. Ava even gets some love for her 'shoe game' from Struts singer, Luke Spiller.


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