You have a few people left to buy for, but you have no idea what to get them. I have a feeling you'll figure it out at J.R. Kortman Center for Design.

Ok, so maybe you've lived in Rockford your entire life and you know all about J.R. Kortman, and if so, that's awesome!

But, I just discovered it today, and boy am I glad I did.


Imagine walking to in a store and realizing that it's basically an art museum but also a toy store.

Is that a good way to put it?

The duo behind J.R. Kortman has been bringing incredible functional art to Rockford for over thirty years and they told me they can almost guarantee each time you stop in you'll find something new.

I bought something awesome for my dad, but I can't tell you what it is because he'll probably read this and let me know if I missed a comma, but it's perfect for him.

But my favorite item has got to be the fly swatter that is also artwork. I don't know if you've been watching Eyewitness News in the Morning lately, but we've been dealing with wasps for weeks so maybe we need to get one of those for the station.


Oh, they also have hand painted Rockford ornaments for your tree!


If you are just discovering this gem, too, it's located right across from Octane on Main Street.

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