Simply put, one of Rockford's most loved photographers, and Lowe's employee, is thankful for a coworker who is the reason he's alive today.

In the summer of 2019, Kevin Thompson found out he had liver cancer. During treatment, Kevin learned he needed a new liver. It's no secret, organ transplants can be hard to come by but that didn't stop Kev from remaining in good spirits despite being told he only had six months to live. This is where his fellow Lowe's employee Nick Arduino comes into the picture.

Nick and Kevin weren't close on a personal level but had worked together as a team in the store on occasion. Sadly, Nick's brother passed away the day after Christmas in 2019. While Nick and his family were at his brother's bedside in the hospital doctors informed his family that his brother was a registered organ donor. According to the story, shared on Lowe's corporate website, doctors asked the family if they knew anyone who was in need of an organ transplant. Nick chimed in about Kevin's liver and Nick's mom was supportive of the decision.

Two days later, Kevin’s phone rang. He was told to get in the car and head to Loyola University Medical Center. The liver was a perfect match. A belated Christmas miracle, if you will.

Fast forward today and Kevin and Nick share a more personal relationship and, even better, Kevin is doing well. And proving Kevin's character, he sent an email to Lowe's President/CEO sharing this incredible story. Not only did the CEO read the email, he made sure Nick received a special honor.

On November 18, Nick was presented with a Lowe’s Angel Award in celebration of the liver donation that saved Kevin’s life. Nick's mother was on hand for the ceremony at the store.

This is an incredible opportunity to become an organ donor or encourage others to do the same. You can do that here and read the full Lowe's article here.

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