Spectators At The 1946 World Series
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Ruth "Richie" Richards, of the Rockford Peaches, has passed away at the age of 89.

According to MyStateline.com, "Richards played eight seasons in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1947 through 1954. The Argus, Pennsylvania native began her career with the Grand Rapids Chicks where she played in the outfield. After one season she joined the Peaches and she was converted to catcher to take better advantage of her strong throwing arm. She played six seasons with the Peaches. She was part of six playoff teams and three championship teams."

Growing up, "A League Of Their Own" was one of my favorite movies. Hell, who am I kidding. It still is!

First off, Tom Hanks is the man and is amazing in this movie.

Second, I am a sucker for sports history and American history.

Thirdly, it is super cool knowing that I live where the Rockford Peaches once played.

And, finally, it's a true story.

When the men went off to fight in the war to end all wars, the women were left to keep the country going. In a time when the nation needed something to inspire them. The Peaches and the rest of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League come through in the clutch.

One of the biggest misconceptions of sport is that it is just a game. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Sport inspires. It lifts the spirits of a community, and in this case, a nation. Remember 9/11? That was easily the most emotional baseball game I've ever seen. If you can't automatically recall the game I am referring too. You are either too young or you just don't get it. I pity those that qualify for the latter.



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