When I think of all of the things I scanned at Target when putting together my bridal registry, I can honestly say that of all the things I actually got from the list, I haven't used a single thing.  Heck, I don't even remember half the stuff I asked for, and I'm not just saying that because I'm getting divorced.

The truth is, I didn't really need the typical things you ask for when you're getting married; because at 33 I pretty much had everything I needed and besides, I'd much rather have the cash.

Cash, and pizza. Why didn't someone think of a pizza registry when I tied the knot?

According to The Knot, Domino's Pizza now has a pizza wedding registry.  The popular pizza chain rolled it out just in time for Valentine's Day.

So if you're one of those cheesy couples who happens to get engaged today (February 14th), you might want to consider surprising your friends and loved ones when you tell them that instead of a fancy gravy boat and bath towels, you want "The Wedding Night," a "Thank you Card-a-thon," or the "Low Key Date Night."

The gift will actually come to you in the form of a gift card, ranging from $20 to $100; and you can order any combination of pizza you want.

Thank you, Domino's, for giving us all a reason to want to get married (again), besides love and lifelong happiness, of course. But don't you kind of need pizza to have both?

You can find and create your own registry right now at DominosWeddingRegistry.com.

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