A woman traveling from California hit the drive-thru to get some hot dogs and her car broke down. What the staff did next is the stuff of customer service dreams.

This is the Yelp review Colleen G gave the Rockford Portillo's restaurant on the corner of E. State & Mulford.

Not enough room here to write down everything the employees at the Rockford IL Portillo's did for us last night.... The short version, our car broke down in the drive through lane... They were so kind. Someone went and told the manager, he came out with 3 other big strapping young men, They pushed the car all the way to a neighboring parking lot so it could be towed easily. One of them even got in and steered the car because the power steering was out and I couldn't do it. They actually took our order in that parking lot and brought it back to us "in that parking lot"!! They would not take any money for the food or for helping us. Great people!!!! Oh by the way, the food was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone. Thank you Portillo's in Rockford IL!!

Colleen is brand new to Yelp. She was so moved by the kindness shown that she immediately went online to let everyone know.

It's a shame that we're so used to getting mediocre or bad service that we can't wait to shout it out when we get 'above and beyond' service. I wish what these Portillo's employees did was the norm.

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