Sure, Amazon trucks are a new-ish thing in Rockford but shouldn't the drivers know to make sure all the delivery truck's doors are closed before hitting the road?

Working for Amazon can not be easy, especially during the holidays. Add the current pandemic to the situation and it has to be chaotic, I can imagine. There is a recent video that might explain how some packages suddenly disappear. This does not mean the dreaded porch pirates are eying your next package delivery. (Don't think we aren't watching, jerk faces.) But after watching this surveillance footage from a Rockford resident's Ring cam, it makes me wonder how many (if any) packages possibly tumbled out of the truck.

Just in case you blinked...

Submitted Image
Submitted Image

Obviously, there is no way of knowing if the driver pulled over after passing this home to close the side door. But, if there is ever a time when an Amazon package is listed as "delivered" but you can't find it with 48 hours, follow these tips.

  • Double-check the shipping address.
  • Confirm the notice of delivery and the location of it.
  • See who (if anyone) accepted the delivery.

Some packages travel through multiple carriers; check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.

There is also a short video review of these tips and more. You can watch it here.

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