It's not all men, but it's too many men. Too many women have a horrible story to tell. Today, I asked a question, so I could learn what to do better, or differently

Like you, I spend a good portion of my day on social media. For me, much of it is for the sole purpose of finding great stories to share on my morning radio show on 97ZOK.

A couple days ago, while on Instagram, I scrolled to a post from Janina Victoria. Janina is an artist who lives in London. She simply asked her followers this question.

@janinavictoria via Instagram
@janinavictoria via Instagram

The strongest influencers in my life are my wife, my mother, my sister, and my two daughters. The most common thoughts I have every single day are centered around what I can do to make their lives better. What can I do to fill their hearts with joy. There's one thing however, that causes me some anxiety, if I'm being honest. What can I do, or how can change the world around them, to make them feel safe. It's not to say that they can't, or aren't capable, of protecting themselves. God wired me to always think about their safety. With my young daughters it's about what I can teach them about the realities of the world and an example I can set. For the adult women in my life, it's how can I best stand up for them and support them.

Looking to learn more from Janina's question is exactly what happened. Take a look at what  the women of Rockford had to say when I asked the same question Janina did.

What Could Men Do To Make Them Feel More Safe

Rockford Women Share What Men Can Do To Make Them Feel More Safe

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