We all have great memories of Labor Day weekends being spent in downtown Rockford. Live music, food and drinks filled the River District. That spirit is reborn.

Rockford is a pretty awesome town. So much to do and see. The one thing we have been missing over the last few years is an end-of-summer music festival.

You all know I live and breathe music, especially live music, so I was really bummed when it got canceled. The 'On The Waterfront' festival will likely never return like it used to be, but we now have the next best thing.

Rockford's 'On The Waterfront Festival' Returns... Sort of
Off the Waterfront Block Party via Facebook

On Saturday, September 2nd at the corner of State and Main Streets, it's the 'Off the Waterfront' block party. A live music fest with hopes to be a precursor to several larger one day music fests in 2018, specifically on Labor Day weekend. Don't miss it. This is music to my ears. In more ways than one.

For complete 'Off the Waterfront' details, check out their Facebook page.

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