Is it just me, or did this Summer fly by? I know technically we still have about a month of summer left, but a Fall state of mind is starting to set in.

School starting for the kids kind of marks the beginning of the end of our favorite season. Don't get me wrong, I do love Fall. But we all know what it means... "Winter is coming."

10 Signs That Summer is Over in Rockford

10 Signs Summer is Over in Rockford

  1. Back to school pics all over Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Magic Waters closing in less than 2 weeks
  3. Edward's Apple Orchard opens on August 25th.
  4. High School football season is in full effect
  5. Sunflowers are starting to bloom
  6. People are starting to wear jeans again... but hopefully not these, or these. (once it's really cold outside, you can do this to your jeans).
  7. The Bears/Packers smack talk has started. Better get your party plans together.
  8. No more 90 degree days in the forecast. However, this Fall will be warmer than normal.
  9. Pumpkin everything is hitting the shelves
  10. The Halloween stores are open

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