Rockford's Sexiest Man Alive for 2018 fronts the band, Name The Moon, and they just released the first single from their new album.

When Rockford singer/songwriter Derek Luttrell was voted Rockford's Sexiest Man Alive in November, we knew he was working on a new album with his band Name The Moon. Now comes the good news for those that only knew how he looked. Time for you to see just how talented this man and his band really are.

The first single from the album Space Force, which comes out December 31, is a track called New Orleans. While some writers will tell you something deep about what they felt when listening, I will just tell you this. I stopped writing this story 4 times so I could listen to the song again. I also turned the volume up a little louder each time.

Rockford’s Sexiest Man Alive, Derek Luttrell, Drops New Single
Name The Moon

Take a listen to to New Orleans by clicking here. And spend the $1 to download the song if you love it.

In the video below, hear how Derek reacted to the news that he was voted Rockford's Sexiest Man Alive.

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