Popular review website Yelp has a massive list of pizza joints in Rockford.

For those unfamiliar with the site, users can register for an account and then write reviews of restaurants, bars, nightlife hotspots and other places.

Thinking about pizza for your next meal? Here are the top 10 pizza restaurants in Rockford according to Yelp reviews.

  • 10

    Sam's Pizza

    2134 Charles St.

    What Yelp Users Say: "Solid pie. Fluffy thin crust, sweet sauce, ingredients were fresh. Anchovies, jalapenos, onions, garlic, and bacon combined for one helluva pizza."

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    610 N. Bell School Road

    What Yelp Users Say: "I am gluten free and was surprised at all the gluten free choices. The beer selection is great."

  • 8

    John's Restaurant and Pizzeria

    2914 11th St.

    What Yelp Users Say: "Super thin crust pizza here is fantastic!"

  • 7

    Marie's Pizza

    1513 Charles St.

    What Yelp Users Say: "If you like mounds of fresh ingredients, a lot of cheese, and a pizza that is very filling I highly recommend Marie's."

  • 6


    333 Executive Parkway

    What Yelp Users Say: "Best Chicago deep dish pizza around. I would highly recommend this place."

  • 5

    Primo's Pizza

    1710 Rural St.

    What Yelp Users Say: "A nice crispy yet chewy crust, thin but not too thin. Sauce is a great combination of flavor and zest with a hint of sweetness."

  • 4

    Altamore Ristorante

    1432 N. Main St.

    What Yelp Users Say: "Unless you have an appetite rivaling a competitive hot dog eater, you will be eating leftovers at some point. Between the sausage and vegetarian pizzas, sausage wins."

  • 3

    Maciano's Pizza and Pastaria

    5801 Columbia Pkwy.

    What Yelp Users Say: "Some of the best deep dish I have had outside of the city. Given the option to go to the name brands in the area or here, I will pick here every time."


  • 2

    Denali's Pizza

    4190 Newburg Road

    What Yelp Users Say: "Great Pizza, you can order a slice anyway you like and it is baked fresh."


  • 1

    Giuseppi's Italian Restaurant and Pizza

    950 Halsted Road

    What Yelp Users Say: "A tiny family-run place that is jam-packed on Friday evenings, this is a hidden gem in Rockford. The food is incredibly inexpensive and well-sized portion-wise, plus is tasty. Their pizza is some of the best I have had in the Rockford area. "