See how easy it is to make your own delicious caramels, as part of a new video series called, What's Cooking At Home, from RACVB.

Restaurants of the Rockford region are teaming with the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau to give us a demonstration on how to make some of their most poplars dishes and snacks.

The latest What's Cooking At Home demonstration video comes from Rockton, Illinois' Sugar Britches Candy Store (115 W. Main St.). Jodi May is a blast to watch no matter what she's doing. In this new video, she's drinking champagne and making caramels, and she's only using a few ingredients. there's a good chance these ingredients are already in your kitchen.

Be sure to connect with Sugar Britches on Facebook for more delicious candy and confections. They are offering curbside and delivery.

For more What's Cooking At Home videos, visit Go Rockford on Facebook.

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