If you're thinking it's Joe Girardi, former New York Yankees skipper, you'd be wrong.

Joe Girardi did spend seven seasons with the Cubs and he is who many could see replacing Joe Maddon, should that Maddon be let go. If the Cubs don't make the playoffs, you can bet Maddon will be sitting down with president of baseball operations, Theo Epstein.

But, Girardi is not the former Cubs catcher rumored to be the replacement

In an article at NJ.com. Mike Rosensteing writes,

There would be a better chance of the Cubs hiring David Ross – another former catcher, though one with no coaching or managing experience – to be their Aaron Boone.

Aaron Boone left his ESPN gig to replace Girardi as the Yankees manager, could we see the same happen with David Ross?

He'd certainly be an inspirational manager. After the World Series win, he delivered a powerful message at City First Church in Rockford.

Do you think Grandpa Rossy could take the team to greater heights?

Rumor Has A Former Cubs Catcher Replacing Joe Maddon

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