The Chicago Bears have been in search of a franchise Quarterback since the dawn of man, so it makes sense that fans would get in a frenzy over the possibility of a Super Bowl winner coming to town.

Sure, the Bears traded for a Super Bowl winner last year when they snagged Nick Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars but this time they got their eyes set on a good Super Bowl winner.

For some reason or another superstar Quarterback, Russell Wilson is unhappy playing for the Seattle Seahawks. When the news broke a few weeks ago, Wilson apparently listed the Chicago Bears as one of his potential landing spots.

There are only two reasons why Wilson would want to come to the Bears.

  1. Wilson played football at the University of Wisconsin.
  2. Wilson is apparently really good friends with Chicago Bears Tight End, Jimmy Graham.

Two more things, Graham might get cut and it's not like Wilson is from Wisconsin (born in Ohio, grew up in Virginia) so I'm not sure either hold any water.

Then there's this:

When gambling sites start changing things like this, that means they know something.

If you need further proof, the day before Carson Wentz was traded from Philadelphia to Indianapolis, the trade props were taken down on nearly every major gambling website too.

If you're a long-suffering Bears fan, today could be a beautiful day. Russell Wilson could be packing his bags and moving out of Seattle and headed to Chicago.

If not, well, what else is new? We still have Nick Foles. You know, he won a Super Bowl too.

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