Your recent high school graduate just moved into his first dorm room. If he's at an Illinois college, chances are he's in a safe spot.

One of the biggest worries that parents have when they send their kids off to college is if they'll be safe. Especially, when they are hours or plane rides away!

Mom and dad can't just hop in the car like they could when their kids were in high school and fix the problem, so instead it can be pretty important to send your kid to a college in a safe town.

Recently a list of the 30 safest college towns was released by SafeWise, and two Illinois towns made the list.

Edwardsville and Charleston are the safest college towns in Illinois according to this study.

In case, like me, you have no idea what schools are in those towns, I'll help you out. Edwardsville is the home of Southern Illinois University, and Charleston is the home of Eastern Illinois University.

Both campuses work with their local police force to make sure there is plenty of security within the school grounds.

If you know you any high school juniors this year, maybe send this list to their parents. A lot can happen in college, and having a safe school can hopefully help parents sleep a little easier.