The moment I pulled up to Williams Tree Farm for the first time on Sunday I knew there was something special about that place. It could've been the first snow fall of the year that made it all the more magical, but it's the feeling you get when you walk through their doors.

It's warm, inviting and cozy; the staff is exceptionally friendly, the food and hot drinks are incredibly delicious and with the animals, Christmas trees and festive decor, you practically feel like you're at the North Pole.

It wouldn't be the North Pole without Santa, who just happened to be there that day. I watched as families lined up with their eager children and smiled as a set of twins sat on the big guy's lap while they coddled and cooed; it was such a sight to see.

If only I had been there to see this. Fran Sotir, a grandmother from Villa Park, was visiting Williams Tree Farm with his three grandchildren and his nephew, who couldn't wait to see Santa; when his 7-year-old granddaughter finally got her chance to sit on Santa's lap, she asked for things every little girl wants, but she also asked for something else, a new kidney for her mom.

Rich shared the touching story on Williams Tree Farm's Facebook page.

What a beautiful photo and an even more beautiful gesture from Santa; thank you for showing this brave little girl what Christmas is all about.

We're sending thoughts and prayers to the Sotir family during this difficult time and we hope a donor is found soon.

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