During her chat with us, she shared what to know before getting your first tattoo, what tattoos hurt the most and designs you won't believe people asked for.

The super talented and funny Sarah Stewart, owner of 6 Finger Tattoo at 136 1st Street in Rockford, helped us celebrate National Tattoo Day recently.

We learned what you should know before getting your first tattoo, believe me when I say that you need to hear what she shared on this subject. Sarah also shared what parts of the body hurt the most when getting inked. If you're thinking about the top of your foot or the top of your butt crack, make some different choices if you have low pain tolerance.

Sarah gave us some great information, but it was what she had to say when we asked about any strange tattoo requests she's ever gotten, that had us rolling.

Be sure to give 6 Finger Tattoo a try next time you need to get some ink done. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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